Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weight Loss Weigh In

Well, not so good this week. -.5 lb. You know half a pound is half a pound, right?!

This week was a horrible week for me. I had a few extra stresses along with trying to close off the school year that I slipped into some of my horrible "grab and go" habits (burgers and pizza, etc.). I also did not walk nearly enough. I had a problem with my ankle that I could barely wear shoes! Seriously, It was bad. So, I ended up not walking...although I COULD have done something else and just chose not to.

Oh well. Next week will be better.

How 'bout you?


Denise said...

You are doing good, keep it up.

Mama Bear June said...

Loss is GOOD! It's all about good choices. When we make good choices MOST of the time, I think it's OK if we make a bad choice once in a while. :-)