Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Japanese baby-making

Okay, so....in Japan they have now marketed a phone that sends a message to a woman about her most fertile time in her cycle. What in the world will they ever think of next???

100-Million-Year-Old Bee

This article is about a scientist that buys Amber to look for fossils. He found a Bee that got trapped somehow in the sticky fluid that becomes Amber. They said the bee looks different than "modern" bees and is not a precursor to the honey bee. You know...a bee is a bee...I don't really like 'em at all. However, it is cool that science can study much older insects and animals that got trapped and preserved.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Now I have heard it all! Americans will fry anything. Seriously. I have seen fried candy bars, twinkies, potatoes, yams, onions, okra, and even corn...to name a few. However, this is the first time I have heard of fried coke. The article says that this is the newest fair food in America this year. Humans never cease to amaze me at how they can creatively accomplish something new.

Squash Pie

This last weekend Marilyn, Drew's mom, gave us two squash that she had grown this summer. She thought she had planted Butternut Squash, but THIS is what really grew. It is called a Hubbard Squash. It was the oddest shape I had ever seen of a squash. I didn't know what to do with it at first, but then I decided to make a pumpkin pie out of it. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Half of one squash made 3 pies! It was the BEST "pumpkin" pie I have ever had. I had never made a pumpkin pie from scratch, let alone a squash pie from scratch. It wasn't hard at all, but it was a bit time consuming.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This is addicting. I did the 25 United States Cities 100% correct and a score of 46.8 seconds. However, you can identify states, and other countries and in the world. I did okay on the South America, not so well on Europe (I know, I know), even worse on Asia....and...unfortunately ABSOLUETLY HORRIBLE Africa. I haven't even been able to bring myself to attempt Australia. Anyway, if you want to give it a whirl...go for it. I would be interested to see your score!
link via Kris

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Tree

Ever since we have been married and bought our home, we have wanted to plant some trees in the front lawn. When we went to price them last year, we learned that they were between $79 and $199 for an 8 foot tree (Depending on the type of tree). So, finally yesterday we decided to purchase one. We bought this one at Earl May in Kearney. It is a Red Sugar Maple. (Click on the link to see the gorgeous color of this tree when it is grown!) When we bought it, it had several leaves one it that are a deep red color...SO BEAUTIFUL! The wind was blowing so hard yesterday (like around 40 or 50 mph) that they got pretty battered and blown on the 40 mile trip back to Lex. Anyway, we planted it and followed all the directions and are so excited to see what it will look like next spring and fall. We want to plant another one on the other side of the lawn perhaps next fall. If you know where we can buy a little sapling, forward that information to me, please! Won't it just be gorgeous?!

Jelly it is Then!

One of the reasons I wanted to learn to can this summer was to make jelly. Drew had commented that he really liked wild plum jelly and I decided I would learn this year. Well, we were unable to get the plums and I thought all was lost. I was explaining this to a friend at school and she told me that she had canned some plum juice a few years back and I could have it if I wanted it. I was more than grateful for this juice. So, today I made wild plum jelly...23 1/2 jars to be exact. It is really quite easy to make. all it takes is 5 1/2 cups of juice, 7 1/2 cups of sugar, and one package of fruit pectin. (this recipe makes 12 pints.) I can't wait to break into one and try it! (I'll be sure to let you know how good it tastes!)