Saturday, January 20, 2007


We have been pretty quiet this month, huh? Drew and are both back in class and have already had a courseload to keep up with. I have been a sickie this last few days and am starting to feel a little better. We are going to a Hockey game tonight with some friends and that should be fun. Nothing major happening around

Monday, January 08, 2007

And you thought one baby was a handful

According to Yahoo News a mother in Canada has given birth to a set of sextuplets...yes...that's SIX babies! yikes. She reports that they are an average of 1.8 pounds and very tiny. Whoa...that would be a lot of work!

Do your trust the Postal Service?

I read a story today about a guy in Pennsylvania who received a letter with the post date of 1954. Apparently the letter must have gotten lost behind some equipment or something and when it was found, it was delivered. The person it was supposed to be delivered to no longer lives at the address and the current resident is trying to find they guy to whom the letter belongs. Kudos to him!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

What does 200 Calories look like?

This is a really cool website that shows pictures of what 200 calories looks like. I enjoyed it and it seems to be done well. (link via Kris)

"Mean Girls"

When I came home from work yesterday, Drew said "You have got to read this article!" I went to read it and was appalled at the behavior of these high school girls. As if the behavior of the girls wasn't enough, the actions of the adults in charge, who were willing to turn their heads in such a situation, was worse! This seemed to be a scenario of a Real Life "Mean Girls."

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Winter Weather

Our city, like Denver, has been hit with 2 storms back to back this December. The first storm was the edge of a blizzard and we got a significant amount of ice (about 1/2 inch). This ice caused trees to snap and electricity to go out for several days for many Lexington area residents. It had cleared enough for us to go to Indiana for our Christmas Holiday. Upon our return (5 days later) we found ourselves in the midst of yet a second storm. This storm gave the Lexington area a significant amount of snow. Just to the east of us, however, in Kearney, Nebraska, this storm dropped 2 inches of ice and knocked over electrical poles as well as snapped lines and made the roads quite dangerous. The ice and snow was absolutely beautiful, quite damaging. These pictures were taken at our home.

Big News in the Family!

This is my sister, Cindy, and her new fiance Todd (Mom in the background) at mom's for Christmas. Todd proposed to Cindy on Christmas Day and we are all so happy for them. She was shocked, as you can see on her face, and only a few of us knew in advance. We wish them best wishes and know they will be very happy.

The Holidays

This year I had a little problem with motivation to get the tree up, but once it was up and the lights were plugged in, oh it was so beautiful. I suppose, like babies, everyone thinks their tree is the most beautiful and I am one of those people. My favorite part of decorating a tree is the dim lights, hot chocolate, and a warm blanket....nice. I wish I could keep a Christmas tree all year long, but I know it would lose it's luster and its specialness. Anyway, this is our tree and you can see just how beautiful it was!