Friday, February 16, 2007


Okay, confession time. I have been so quiet around here because I am a SIMS junkie. Are you familiar with The Sims? I have been a fan and a SIMS player for a long time. I had forgotten about it for a while, but then I found them again several months ago and have spent alot of time mindlessly controlling computer characters. I, like Drew, enjoy "messing" with my SIMS to make them do things that are funny. I think it is funny to move things on them or to delete something that they are using. Anyway, my SIMS doth await me!

"You are SO Smart!" maybe not the best thing to say...

When I was in school, I wasn't the "smartest" kid in my class, but I held my own. (For example, I graduated in the top 5% of my class, graduted from BSU with honors, and from UNK with a 4.0)...However, I have always been afraid that someday I am going to get "found out." Learning most things was fairly easy for me and as a result I developed some BAD study habits. I was reading an article about "How Not to Talk to Your Kids" and thought...hmmm..THAT'S ME! I will take a few more risks than this article says kids like me will, but usually I am a little leary of trying new things. I thought the article was interesting and the research worth another look! Anyone else out there like me?

Day Off

Today was a day off for me (Frances) because yesterday was Parent/Teacher conferences. I had planned to do nothing...and that's exactly what I did! And ya know what? It was EVERYTHING I thought it could be. I watched TV, talked to Amy, watched more TV, went to a piano lesson, and then watched TV. Can you hear the sigh of total contentment?