Monday, June 30, 2008



That pretty much sums up how I have been so far this summer.

Drew and I both got our fishing licenses and we have been fishing and that has been FUN! I even bought a new pole. Fishing for me, though, is only fun when I don't have to touch the worm or the fish. What's the point? You ask? I like to cast, reel in the fish, and be outdoors with no phone or pressing issues to deal with.

Next week I am going back to class...sort of. It's an online course and I know my schedule will become very busy in a short amount of time. Before long, it will be back to school and the daily grind of teaching and learning.

How is your summer going?

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Tiller

This is the second year that we have planted a rather large garden at ma and pa's farm. Last year we busted our rumps trying to keep the weeds at bay and we did pretty well. Ma and Pa have an old tiller but we simply could not get it to work. While Drew worked and worked on that tiller, the weeds just grew and grew. So, we finally decided it was time to break down and buy one.

We wanted to buy a used one, but it is virtually impossible to find a used tiller around here. Finally we located a used one in a town 1 hour from our home. So, we set out to buy it and bring it home. The employees had told us that they were closing at noon on Saturday due to a parade and celebration that was taking place in the town, BUT they would wait for us if we called when were about 10 minutes away. The guy said it was a Troy-Bilt Horse with a snow blade attachment. (a $2400 dollar value that they were selling $799.) When we were 10 minutes away, we called the place and they said "We are going to be closing at 12:00 because we all want to go to the parade. If you aren't here, we will close." We pulled into their parking lot at 12:00 sharp. All the employees were walking out to go to the parade. They looked right at us, and drove away. Baaaaaad business.

So, we set about looking around for something else because, ya'll, our weeds were out of control. We remembered to bring a phone book with us and began calling around. One guy told us that there was a new Tractor Supply in town and they might have tillers. So, we went to the brand new Tractor supply and found this tiller. It was on sale for $50 dollars off and then a group was there asking us to test drive a Toyota Tundra and then give feedback. If we did, they gave us EACH a $15 gift card. So...the original cost of the tiller was $599, but we got it for $519 which is $300 less than we were going to pay for the used one at Bad Business Central.

So, we (by we, I mean Drew because...remember...I sprained my ankle) tilled up all those weeds and our garden look so good now. So, happy tiller day to us.

OH...and btw...the Toyota Tundra was a SWEET ride. Maybe our next truck will....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have been CRAVING an authentic carnival style elephant ear. Thanks for the link and the reminder, Amy! We may just have to make a few around our place!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Frosty's for Adoption!

During this weekend (June 14 and 15) every Frosty purchased at Wendy's will result in them donating $0.50 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Hmmmm...if everyone in MY family bought a frosty that would be, like, a gajillion dollars for adoption. Now...shoo...go out and buy a Frosty.

Just confirming I am the Klutz Queen.

What a night folks! Last night we went over to the garden at Drew's parents' place to hook up some hoses and run the water. Afterwards we spent some time talking to Ma and then decided to go. As we were leaving I stepped off the porch and fell into the grass. The porch is a 3-4 inch think cement slab. My foot slipped off the side and I ROLLED MY ANKLE! Yes I did. So, I commenced with the crying and almost passing out at the pain while Ma and Drew gently loaded me into the truck, gave me some ibuprofen, and a bag of ice. Then, we had to drive the 25 miles or so to the nearest hospital.

Once at the ER, everyone and their brother was there. Some guy needed stitches. There was a kid that had gotten hit in the jaw with a baseball. (OUCH!) Another guy...I don't know his deal and then me. They took X Rays and determined that it is a bad sprain. Bad enough that the doc air casted it, gave me crutches, and sent me home.

It was 9:45pm when I was sent home and...oh...we hadn't eaten yet! So, we got salads at McDonald's, went home, ate, and then went to bed. (around 11:30pm) At 3:45 I woke up with excruciating pain in my ankle. I downed some ibuprofen and then back to sleep I went. As long as I stay medicated and keep things elevated, I am doing okay.

I feel like a big ol' dork though because I cried so hard when I fell. Folks, I broke my other ankle in middle school and this sprain hurt far worse than that ever did. I thought FOR SURE I had broken my ankle. Thank God I did not. After a week or so, this will all be over and I can get back to normal...or trip again and cause some other bodily harm to myself.

So, I have once again demonstrated that if you are a klutz, like me, then I am definitely your Queen.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snakes 1254, me 1

I have finally killed a snake without using a lawn mower, folks. I am so afraid of the stupid things, but I am learning that if I don't wrangle them when I've see them, they will only get bigger and smarter. I am sure the neighbors think I am a bit odd, but I have started walking around the lawn, whenever I happen to be working in the lawn, with a shovel in hand. So, I thought I would share that while the snakes currently lead the score about 20 bazillion to one, I have claimed victory over one.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Do you ever feel like a klutz? You know, tripping, falling, knocking things down needlessly? Well, if so then after today I would definitely be your queen.

Seriously, I have a long track record of tripping, falling, and otherwise klutzy behavior over the course of most of my life. Today was one of those days that will go down in the historical record of my life-long kluziness.

Our water softner needed salt and I, being the good wife I am, headed off to Kearney (35 miles away) to purchase the 8 bags we needed to fill the softner.

I dutifully went into the store, paid for the purchase, and then returned to the car to load the 8 bags of salt. The bags are heavy, so I only lift one at a time. (Again, because I am a big weenie) Bag 1: Sucessfully loaded! Bag #2 was the problem bag. I grabbed the bag and headed toward the car but little did I know that there was a small clump of cement that never got smoothed out when the store had their parking/sidewalk put in. That added to the fact that I am Queen of the Klutzes found me stumbling over the clump and falling in the parking lot of said establishment.

I. Was. Mortified.

I could see it happening in slow motion. As I neared the ground, I thought "Uh oh...this is gonna be bad!" First, the side of my shin hit, then the salt, then my elbow, hand, then finally face. When my face hit the ground the force knocked my glasses clean off. They flew across the parking lot and came to rest about 15 feet away. That was a problem because I cannot see anything more than 2 feet away from me without my glasses.

A friendly stranger approached me and asked if I was okay and handed me my glasses. I bashfully replied that I was fine and thanked her for my glasses. Then, I scrambled to my feet, looked down to see blood running down my leg, out of my hand, and down my face. I am sure I looked a lot worse than it really was.

I finished loading my 6 other bags of salt and then crawled into the car. I drove back home with blood dripping off my leg the whole way.

What a klutz.

Is it summer yet?

School has been out for a week and a half now and I am still trying to gather my bearings and truly feel rested. I think the weather has played a big role in that process as well. It has rained incessantly and it has been cool. Today, however, I woke up to beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures. I am just so ready for a string of warm days, with sunshine but it seems that this summer is shaping up to be a wet, cool one.