Monday, June 23, 2008

New Tiller

This is the second year that we have planted a rather large garden at ma and pa's farm. Last year we busted our rumps trying to keep the weeds at bay and we did pretty well. Ma and Pa have an old tiller but we simply could not get it to work. While Drew worked and worked on that tiller, the weeds just grew and grew. So, we finally decided it was time to break down and buy one.

We wanted to buy a used one, but it is virtually impossible to find a used tiller around here. Finally we located a used one in a town 1 hour from our home. So, we set out to buy it and bring it home. The employees had told us that they were closing at noon on Saturday due to a parade and celebration that was taking place in the town, BUT they would wait for us if we called when were about 10 minutes away. The guy said it was a Troy-Bilt Horse with a snow blade attachment. (a $2400 dollar value that they were selling $799.) When we were 10 minutes away, we called the place and they said "We are going to be closing at 12:00 because we all want to go to the parade. If you aren't here, we will close." We pulled into their parking lot at 12:00 sharp. All the employees were walking out to go to the parade. They looked right at us, and drove away. Baaaaaad business.

So, we set about looking around for something else because, ya'll, our weeds were out of control. We remembered to bring a phone book with us and began calling around. One guy told us that there was a new Tractor Supply in town and they might have tillers. So, we went to the brand new Tractor supply and found this tiller. It was on sale for $50 dollars off and then a group was there asking us to test drive a Toyota Tundra and then give feedback. If we did, they gave us EACH a $15 gift card. So...the original cost of the tiller was $599, but we got it for $519 which is $300 less than we were going to pay for the used one at Bad Business Central.

So, we (by we, I mean Drew because...remember...I sprained my ankle) tilled up all those weeds and our garden look so good now. So, happy tiller day to us.

OH...and btw...the Toyota Tundra was a SWEET ride. Maybe our next truck will....

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