Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Tree

Ever since we have been married and bought our home, we have wanted to plant some trees in the front lawn. When we went to price them last year, we learned that they were between $79 and $199 for an 8 foot tree (Depending on the type of tree). So, finally yesterday we decided to purchase one. We bought this one at Earl May in Kearney. It is a Red Sugar Maple. (Click on the link to see the gorgeous color of this tree when it is grown!) When we bought it, it had several leaves one it that are a deep red color...SO BEAUTIFUL! The wind was blowing so hard yesterday (like around 40 or 50 mph) that they got pretty battered and blown on the 40 mile trip back to Lex. Anyway, we planted it and followed all the directions and are so excited to see what it will look like next spring and fall. We want to plant another one on the other side of the lawn perhaps next fall. If you know where we can buy a little sapling, forward that information to me, please! Won't it just be gorgeous?!

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