Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Morning Dew

I wish I could capture the sheer beauty of the morning here today. As I walked into the school, I noticed that the air did not smell like poo. It, instead smelt fresh. Crisp. Clean. My thoughts immediately said "Mmmmm...I love it!" It smelled like a cool summer morning. I looked around and saw the morning dew glistening on the blades of grass as if each one was wearing its own little diamond. The sunrise was captivativing with its gentle yellow and red hughs. I heard baby birds chirping and couldn't help but feel at peace and total awe at the beauty of the morning. Most mornings I am just so GROUCHY that it is morning that I just don't take time to notice the gorgeous palette around me. Thank God for this day...I hope it is as beautiful where you are!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this - it's always good to remember to stop and realize the "little" things around you. I walked out of my office last night and realized that the parking lot is backed by a HUGE row of HUGE lilac bushes. They smelled so good. Fresh lilacs are on of my most favorite smells. :)