Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Diet is not a Dirty Word

Okay, ya'll! It has been one week and I am 3 pounds lighter. We will see what next week brings. This week was hard and I, frankly, jumped - leapt really - off the wagon a couple of times. Oh Well. I walked 4 of the 7 days (I need to bump that to a higher number!) and paid close attention to foods. How did you do?


Robin said...

Good job! I only lost 1/2 lb. this week - quite frustrating. But I'm not giving up.
Good luck this week!

Karen said...

Hang in there! I had a rough finish (ahem...I ate 2 cupcakes and three cookies at 11 pm last night!) lol

Great job on the loss - inch by inch its a cinch, right?

amy f. said...

Great job!! 3 pounds your first week is awesome. You're doing it right then :-) Hope you can continue to have losses every week. It is definitely difficult, but you can do it! And you will absolutely fall off the wagon sometimes, but you just pick yourself up and get on it again. Thinking of ya!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! That's great!