Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's Already Been Three Years!

Three years ago today Drew and I stood in front of friends and family and exhanged vows of comittment before God. I just want to take this opportunity to say how much I love him and how these three years have been a blessing beyond my dreams!

In honor of our anniversary, I have created a little quiz to see how well you know us!

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Amy F. said...

Neat idea...I didn't do too well, 50%, but I don't know your relationship well nor live near you, or anything! So, could have done worse. But I could have kicked myself after getting a couple more obvious ones wrong. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated 4 :-)

Mama Bear June said...

I don't know you except through the May Day Challenge but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :-D
Path to Health

ellie's mom said...

Happy anniversary! I knew I was going to get the "which states did Frances grow up in" question correct! :) Hope you two are having a super day!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to have the highest score!!! Happy Belated Anniversary.
I only got one wrong and if I would have listened to Nathan's answer, we would have had a perfect score. Oh well! We miss you guys!
Amy Cook