Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun times?

So, as you know, July 3rd was our anniversary. We decided to go to Ruby Tuesday in Kearney to celebrate. When we arrived we ordered the cheesy bacon fries (yumm-o) for an appetizer and we both ordered a burger. Well-done. Mine with no "special sauce." When the meal arrived, mine was slathered with "special sauce" and just decided I would be a sport and eat it. So, I cut burger in half so I could pick it up easily...and, folks, it was RAW! So, I called the Assistant Manager over and showed her the sandwich and she says "So, (pause) are you wanting a whole new one?" Duh. Yes. So, she sent it back and I waited probably another half an hour while they remake my order. The second time they brought the sandwich there was no hint of extra sauce, so I fixed it up, cut it and picked it up to eat it and....IT WAS RAW AGAIN. This time was worse than the first. So, Drew showed the waitress and she was grossed out and said she was going to let the cook know. She left to find the manager, and apparently to let the cook know. Now, I have to tell you that we were seated about as far away from the kitchen that we could be and we HEARD here rip out the cook. (It was a little funny actually.) So, then the manager came over and said that the meal was on them AND he GAVE US a $25 gift certificate to come back. We have generally had good experiences at Ruby Tuesday, but they were just having a bad night. I have to hand it to them, though, they went out of thier way to try and make it right with us. About 1 1/2 hours later we left and came home. Fun....Times?

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