Monday, July 16, 2007

Garden Fun

Folks, we have officially tasted sweet success from our garden...yup. Cabbage and summer squash. It. Was. Devine. I don't know if it REALLY tasted better or if I just think that it did because of all of our (by our I mean Drew) sweat and hard work weeding and watering. All I can say though is Yummmm. We have so many squash that I don't honestly know what we will do with all of it. OH oh...and we FINALLY have young melons (watermelon and honeydew melon to be exact.)

Did I ever tell you my honeydew story? I haven't? Well, when I was young my favorite fruit was honeydew melon. Wait, it still is my favorite....anyway, I digress. I loved honeydew so I would shamelessly beg for it at the grocery store. Mom would rarely get it becuase she had to feed 7 kids and 2 adults and, frankly, honeydew is expensive. So, one day (when was about 3 or 4) I was standing near the honeydew and Mom had said "No" a few times already. I reached up and grabbed one on the botton and pulled it out. As a result, several honeydew fell to the floor. One broke open and Mom had to purchase it. oops. I thought "Hmmm. That's an easy way to get honeydew." So, I did it again the next time we were at the store. My mom caught on pretty quickly to my little ploy and started parking me in the cart as far away from the honeydew as she could. I used to cry and cry....sigh...oh the memories.

Well, NOW Drew and I are growing our own and I can have all the honeydew melon my little heart desires...I CAN'T WAIT FOR ONE TO RIPEN! That....and I am just dying to taste a tomato off of one of our our 14 tomato plants! Yes, I said 14. That's just ours...with ma's we have 23 plants. Yeah...we will be canning 'til the cows come home when they rippen.

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