Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's Pumkin Time! (Well, Almost.)

Okay, Ya'll, we haven't posted any pictures lately, so...I thought it was high time. Above you see Drew standing on the edge of our massive garden. You can about 1/4 of it here. See? I told's huge! We also planted pumpkins this year. We planted 3 different kinds of pumpkins in the garden. First, we planted some smaller pumpkins that are used mostly for pie making. Second, we planted some medium-sized pumpkins for making jack-o-lanterns. FUN FUN! Then, finally we got all wild and crazy and planted the big boys. The giants of pumpkins. The colossal super pumpkins that can grow to over 100 pounds. Yes, you read that right, over 100 pounds. Well, Drew's boss's wife asked for a few to use in a craft show and so we picked a few early. (Tonight.) I was so excited that I couldn't hardly stand it because orange pumpkins mean fall is here, or almost at least. When I was a kindergarten teacher I always read the book "It's Pumpkin Time!", "Pumpkin, Pumpkin", and "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything" to the students. I LOVED IT! We carved pumpkins, baked the seeds, voted on a face. Such fun. And a mess....a big one. Always. The kids would stick their hands inside the pumpkin and pull the seeds and other stringy ickies out. It was really fun to watch their faces as they experienced all of that. Anyway, if you have small children, or nieces/nephews etc., I would highly recommend these books for this time of the year. (You can click on the link above to see the books OR to purchase them from So, I arranged the pumpkins and practiced my photography skills and took the fabulous picture for you to see. (As a side note, did ya notice the fantabulous grass? did ya? did ya? We have worked so hard on this lawn. You can't even tell that a year ago this area of our lawn was a huge brown dirt patch. Thanks to Drew and his talent for plant care, look at what we have now! Whoo hooo.)


Suzie said...

I used to love taking the kids to the patch to pick a pumpkin... now in FL we have them imported!

Nice grass!

eileen said...

I love pumpkins! Your garden really is HUGE and looks like so much fun.