Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ya know what annoys me?

I have been keenly aware lately of the things that just have a special way of getting under my skin. I don't really know why I have been more aware of this lately, but alas...I have. Since I have become increasingly aware of these things I thought I would share them with you! So, here's my list of annoyances...(these items are not ranked in any particular order!) Enjoy!

1. People who complain to inappropriate people at inappropriate times.
2. Internet routers that stop sending a wireless signal for no apparent reason.
3. Snow at inconvenient times. (Is there ever a convenient time, really?)
4. Remembering that I forgot to lay something out for dinner around, oh, 9 AM and there is nothing I can do about it. (This is practically a daily occurrence for me!)
5. Commercials that don't make sense to me because then I feel like a huge ignoramus. Am I the only one?
6. Folks who never use a turn signal...seriously, is it REALLY too much work?
7. Telemarketers that call in the middle of my favorite show.
8. Wait...telemarketers. period.
9. Being stopped at a red light when there doesn't appear to be anyone coming in any direction. My thinking is...Do I honestly need to be saved from the carelessness of the invisible people too?
10. People who wear too much cologne or perfume...PEEEWWWW

There ya have, what bugs you?


Anonymous said...

1. I'm right there with ya' with the turn signal thing. It drives me NUTS. And, also, when people speed. I'm such a rule-follower. (Holli)
2. Running out of sour cream. Is it just me, or do you run out right as you're finishing up cooking a delicious burrito? What's up with that? (Holli)
3. Not getting my hair cut BEFORE it bugs the crap out of me. (Holli)
4. When students ask me questions I've already answered. (Brian)

Frances said...

YES! All of those things bug me too! I especially get annoyed when I knew there was no more sour cream but forgot until the delicious meal is done! And Brian - that is one of my biggest pet peeves at school too!