Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a BUSY one! Seriously...I haven't felt this sleep deprived in a LONG time. You know the place...where you feel like you could go face first into your desk, spaghetti, or whatever else you may be in front of you. Here is my recap...

Friday: Took 74 3rd-5th grade students to a Storm Hockey game. The Hockey team sponsors this program where students can earn a free ticket to a hockey game if they earn an "A" in any class or have 100% attendance for a grading period. We had several students qualify and decided to take them to a game. I organized and implemented the whole thing. As a result, we got to bed around...oh...11:30 PM. We had 74 students and 14 sponsors (Drew and I both went to help control behavior).

Saturday: Drew and helped sponsor a youth trip to Colorado Springs with our church. I had forgotten just how energetic high schoolers are! ha ha! We saw "The Thorn" at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. This is a play about the Life of Christ that the church puts on. Tickets are only $10 and it is a steal! If you are ever in Colorado Springs near Easter, you should definitely go to this play. On the way out, we ate at Casa Bonita and THAT was an experience to remember. The food was...blah...yuck-o...but the atmosphere was fun. (I am spoiled on the Mexican food since I get to eat so much of it that is truly genuine here!) We got to bed late, like 1:00 AM.

Sunday: Up early, 6:00 AM, in order to accommodate all the kids and showers that needed to be taken before we could leave for church. After church, we traveled back toward home, stopping in Denver for a bite. We stopped at a place that had about 6 different restaurants within walking distance of the parking lot. Drew and I chose to eat at Good Times. It was good...I wish there was one here! Then, we drove for 5 hours back home and my brother was waiting for us. He is a semi driver and had been dispatched to Denver, with a layover here. So, we got him around 7:30 PM and visited until around 11:30 PM. Needless to say, it was after midnight when we got to sleep...that alarm clock at 6 AM was akin to nails scratching against a chalkboard today!

whew...what a weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great (although tiring) weekend! It's good to stay busy...