Tuesday, April 03, 2007

First Snake of the Year

Yesterday when I went home, I decided that the lawn needed its first mow of the year. So, Drew changed the oil, gased it up, and whatever else has to be done before the first mow, and voila...I was off. I was moving right along, being skeptical at first - afraid of a snake. I convinced myself that I was being overly cautious and I needed to just mow. My ipod shuffle was blaring in my ears when I saw movement. "WHAT IS THAT?!" my mind screamed. I turned my head (in my mind I can see this happening in slow motion) to see a snake. Not a baby snake, oh no, it was the granddaddy of all snakes in our yard. At that point I screamed and let go of the lawn mower. (I know, I know...I should of just disposed of the snake right then and there.) I ran to tell Drew I saw a snake and he said..."Well, did you kill it?" "no." So, I trotted back over to the area of the yard that I had stopped at and cautiously approached the lawn mower. (You know, the snake my be planning a revenge.) Lo and behold, the snake was still where I had left him. I started the mower and moved it over the snake and heard the satisfying "thwump" that is the demise of many snakes everywhere. Then, at that time, Drew came over with a rake to dispose of the carcass so I wouldn't have to do that part. Yuck. Another sign that spring has arrived!


amy f. said...

I keep having issues with trying to post comments on blogger, aargh. I've tried to comment in the past and doesn't always go through. Anyway, seriously, Mike and I cannot believe you guys come across snakes so easily in your background. Makes us shudder. And the fact that Drew doesn't even flinch or care to see it and just asks if you killed it. Aren't you scared of getting snake bits in your hair again?? YUCK! I cannot even think about it, Frankie, seriously. The idea of this just bothers me more than you know.

Frances said...

Drew cared about the snake, we just see them ALL THE TIME in the summer around here. A little farther north there are rattlers, but in town we will just get, mostly, garter snakes with an occassional bull snake. I do get worried about snake bits, but....it comes with the territory.