Sunday, April 29, 2007


This weekend was a BUSY one. (Isn't every weekend a busy one?) Anyway...when we got married, our wonderful bridal party and siblings all pooled together to buy us a grill. Boy oh boy did we grill! This last fall and winter, however, was particularly abusive to our happy grill. It, literally, was so windy that it threw the grill over not once, not twice, but THREE times! As a result, I am sad to report, the grill was made practically inoperable. we were driving around on Saturday we heard a commercial for a sale going on at the local True Value. "Lawn Mowers! Weed Whackers! Edgers! Weber Grills! 50 cent hot dogs and sodas!" 50 CENT HOT DOGS! WHOO HOOO! (Have I told you that I have recently discovered that I really like mustard?) Really, we went and looked at grills. We ended up buying a new Weber Grill. In fact, we bought this one (Spirit E-310)! Then we brought it home and grilled steaks. yummm.

As part of our weekend fun, we also bought and planted a new tree. You can see it below. It is a red maple. If you remember, last fall we planted a tree, it was a Red Sugar Maple. This little tree is seemingly pretty healthy.

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