Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wonderbra or Wonderjock?

HAHAHAHAHAH! When I saw this today in the news I thought "Are they serious?!" Enjoy.

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amy f. said...

(Am I the only person who still calls you that? I don't care!)
I just re-discovered your blog! I remembered you e-mailing way back when that you had started one, but then I forgot about it, sorry! I will keep coming back now :-) I went back and read a lot of your past entries. It's so great to hear how you are doing.

Anytime I hear anything about Nebraska, I think of you! Like on Oprah the other day...she talked to a young woman who was in prison for concealing a pregnancy when she was a teenager and then disposing of (killing) her newborn baby (Sad, I know). Getting the word out about Safe Haven laws (could have taken the baby to a fire station, police station, or questions asked). Oprah mentioned that only 3 states do NOT have Safe Haven laws in place...Nebraska, Alaska, and Hawaii. What the heck? Just had to mention this to the only person I know who lives in Nebraska :-)

Keep up the blogging. Glad 5th grade is working out so well. FYI...we finally updated our blog, sorry for the delay.

Amy :-)