Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Day

As you know, yesterday was election day. In our state the mudslinging was ridiculous this year. Anyway, at my designated voting location, they gave me a sticker! Yes, you heard it right an actual sticker for my time. It felt like I was 5 and getting a sucker from the doctor after the shots I had to endure. I guess that was the payment for the 2 pages (both 2-sided) of ballot in this election. The funny thing was that Drew came home from his civic duty sticker. I asked him where his sticker was and he told me they didn't give him one. Hmmmm...did just the women get stickers???? Did anyone else out there get a sticker?


amy f. said...

Everyone received a sticker around here. Alex wore it!

Anonymous said...

I got my sticker, I don't remember if Nathan got one though? The weird part for me was that the voting lady put it on me. Yes, she didn't hand it to me, she placed it herself in the typical designated sticker corner of my shirt.