Monday, November 27, 2006

Wild for Hunting

Apparently in Maine women are stepping up to the plate and bcoming sportpersons. (Huntresses). Anyway, I am pretty sure this will not be me. I do not have problem with others hunting, and even eating their loot, but I do not want to do it. I just cannot bring myself to kill another animal. I do, however, enjoy shooting bluerock and clay pigeons. Have you ever done that? It is so fun! You throw a disk out shoot it and watch it blow away into millions of pieces. And the best part? NO BLOOD ANYWHERE! The best thing that we ever did was shoot at fudge. Yes...fudge. I made a batch of fudge and must have done something wrong. It came out hard as a rock. We shot at it and the bee bee's just ricocheted off the fudge. That was awesome! Anyway, happy hunting to you.

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Anonymous said...

The fudge shooting was a classic! Chica, you make the best edible bluerock around!