Friday, August 11, 2006

Corn School

The first image here is of an elephant ear, the second is a funnel cake. This article explains the history of Corn School! In case you are not from Northern Indiana, Corn School is a carnival in the first week of October every year. There are always carnival rides, exhibits, and vendors...mmmm....the elephant ears! An elephant ear is not a REAL elephant's ear, it is like a funnel cake but it's flat and crispier. It is usually served with sugar and cinnamon. Here is a recipe if you want to try one! The only thing I would say, though, is that the elephant ears at the fair are fried, I think, and they are as big as a plate. Oh, here is another recipe that fries them. I miss them...I might just make some for myself here.
(images courtesy of wikipedia Link to Corn School History courtesy Web-Goddess)


Jim said...

No fair putting elephant ears on here, I'm having a Homer Simpson drool just looking at it

Frances said...

Sorry Jim! I miss them and you can't get one in Nebraska. Everyone knows and eats funnel cakes here, but when I say elephant ear, they laugh at me! lol