Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, I needed a catch-all post because I haven't updated in a few days. So...

Before I forget to say it, Happy Easter to you all!

I am, OFFICIALLY, on Spring Break. What am I going to do with my week off? Hmmmm....write a research paper. Yes I am. I HAVE to. It is due next weekend and I haven't started so I really have no choice. After that...I am going to clean my house. Why? Because, in 2 weeks our caseworker is going to visit for the last time before, hopefully, recommending us for approval to enter the "Waiting Couple's Pool." So, I really need to clean the place. No, Really.

I am going to incubate and hatch chicks at school so I soaked one in vinegar for 2 days and guess what happened? The shell COMPLETELY dissolved and left the egg completely in tact. So, after showing the egg to the kids Drew and I decided to throw it in boiling water to see what would happen. We hypothesized that it would break open and make a mess due the drastic temperature change. I am going to let you vote over there on the left to guess at what happened to the egg. (I will tell you the answer later...)

I guess that is all for now...Have a great day!

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