Monday, March 17, 2008

Garage Door

A little over 3 1/2 years ago Drew and I got married and moved into our home. We noticed that the garage was in serious need of repair, but decided we would tackle it bit by bit. It needed reroofing, new garage doors with an automatic opener one the side lacking one, windows replaced, and siding either replaced or painted. A few months later our neighbor across the alley backed into the corner of our garage (my side no less) and completely demolished the garage door on my side of the garage. The neighbor's auto insurance paid for the replacement of the garage door with a MUCH nicer door. Steel. Insulated. Nice. The problem was it didn't match anything else on our garage. So, shortly thereafter we replaced the glass in the window frames and rehung them...and 2 summers ago we COMPLETELY reroofed, painted the siding with 3 coats of paint, and fitted the entire garage with new facia and soffits. My sister and her (now) husband came out to help with that. Let's see...that only left the other garage door.

We kept ignoring it.

and ignoring....

and ignoring...

until 2 weeks ago we noticed that the old door had a HOLE in it. I guess that's where I draw the line. (I think Drew wanted to replace the thing a LONG time before I was willing to drop the cash for it.) So, we priced checked 'em and got an amazing deal at Menard's. We got a steel insulated door AND an automatic garage door opener for just under $400. (Trust's a steal!)

To save ourselves some money, we decided to install the door and the opener ourselves. So, we went out Saturday morning around 10am to begin. We thought it would take a while...but we were not prepared for the time it actually took. It took the two of us (minus me for 3 hours while I was a baby shower for Drew's sister) 12 hours to install the entire thing. It was A LOT of work...more for Drew than me because he did all the heavy lifting.

Now that it is done, though, I have to say it looks so nice. Finally we have a garage that looks like it belongs to the house we live in. It really cleaned the place up and it is so nice to see that automatic door opening and closing so smoothly and know that we did that.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures to show you the transition as a result of our handy work. However, as much of a photography addict that I am, I did not take before OR after pictures of our project to show you. Maybe after the snow melts I will put some up for you.

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