Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie Review - Juno

We went to see the movie Juno this weekend and it was SO. FUNNY. If you are up to seeing a movie with a spunky pregnant teenage girl, this is the flick for you. We laughed and laughed throughout the movie...which makes the moolah spent to see it well worth it. 5 Stars from our little corner of the world for this movie. (image from )


Amy F. said...

I thought Juno was a very funny movie and well-worth seeing as well. The script was great and the writer just won an Oscar for best original screenplay.

Becca said...

That's great to hear! I will definitely see it then.

patrick said...

i assumed Juno was directed by the same guy that directed Knocked Up, because it's about unexpected pregnancy and Michael Cera stars as Juno's boyfriend (he was in Superbad, a close relative of Knocked Up).