Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adult temper tantrums

We have been so busy in our happy little home. School started school I mean college classes. Whenever that gets goin' again it takes a few weeks to settle into the routine. I have learned that I initially have a total breakdown over all the work it APPEARS that I will have to complete in a mere 5 month period. I begin throwing a temper tantrum, in my head...not literally, about the atrocities that have been inflicted upon me by this uncaring instructor. Inevitably, I drag my feet on getting started and fume over the work that I need to get done. And then, one day, I see that a classmate has completed an assignment and all of a sudden it's like the fox whistles have been blown. I am so dang competitive that, all of a sudden, I want to be first! I HATE it that others are already ahead of me in turning in assignments. So, this week I have been attempting to catch up AND surpass my classmates in completing assignments. Then, at the end of the term, I always feel a little bit sad that it's over. Is that what addiction feels like? If so, I think I am addicted to learning...

or is it winning?

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