Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to School, part two

Yesterday was Back to School day...again...

When it's back to school time in August, there is a certain excitement about it. You know, new year...new clothes...new haircuts...new pencils, books, and paper. The kids are excited. The teachers are excited and, I'm told, the parents are excited. (The jury is still out to confirm that fact!)

The back to school time in January is marked with a quite a different feeling. A sort of, you know, tired feeling.

It's marked with the same things...new year...new haircuts...new pencils, books, and paper. But, the excitement just isn't the same. Everyone is still recovering from the activities of the holidays and so. very. tired.

Maybe someday I will find a way to make the back to school in January as exciting as the one in August. Until then, can we all just take a nap?


Sarah said...

I am with you on the tired thing. I so wish I could just curl up and take a nap right now!

Mich said...

I am so with you. The first day back is always a bit sedated (in a good way)...but by today, Wednesday, it all breaks loose and I've completely forgotten I've just had two weeks off! How does that happen??