Friday, August 03, 2007

Rain here AGAIN today.

We have had SO much rain this summer. I can't complain because the temperature hasn't been just terrible and the crops look so good, and with very little irrigation at that. when I got home from working at the school the clouds seem to build up and then...oh then....the rain. It just starting POURING during the 1 mile drive home from school. yikes. Then, when I got here I tried to pep talk myself into how quickly the run would be from the garage to the back door if I adjusted everything just right so that it didn't get very wet. Okay, computer bag...check, purse...check, water bottle...check, lunchbox...check. Ready. So, I opened the garage door and counted I got to the back door more quickly than I even imagined in my mind. I was so pleased. I quickly turned the door knob....but my hands slipped off of the wet knob since it was LOCKED! Not a problem, keys! I began looking for them in my pockets to avail. Maybe in my purse? Nope. My....CAR? Yup, I locked myself out of the car and out of the house and was soaked in the rain trying to solve the problem. I went to our secret location and got the spare key in order to get in the house, to go back out and get my keys. Once I stepped into the house...the rian stopped. Nice.

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Becca said...

ohhh I Hate days like that! But it makes for a good story. And I'm really glad you weren't locked out of your house and car for hours and hours.