Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Yesterday was my first day of class for summer classes at UNK. I am taking a School Law Class and an Intro. class. The school law requires me to be reading a lot of cases and write briefs. It is so interesting to me and I am really learning a great deal about our legal system in the U.S. and how schools fit into that system. I am keeping up fairly well and the biggest change for me is that most of the other students are guys and I am not. (obviously) They talk alot about sports and such and I feel kinda stupid because I can't interact on that level. I guess I better start studying up! I do feel blessed to be in classes and to have such a wonderfully supportive husband diring this process though.

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ellie's mom said...

Wow, that sounds like a really interesting class! Are you feeling better (after being sickie)?

Don't feel badly that you "can't" talk about sports with the guys...I know you could give them a run for their money on subjects that, in the scheme of things, are much more important. So, let up on yourself!

I'm glad that you're finding support in Drew - it sounds like you two really click - how wonderful!

Hope you're feeling better and are able to take a few minutes each day to enjoy the sunshine!