Thursday, June 21, 2007


I was thinking today as I was ROASTING outside of all the the inventions and discoveries for which I am grateful. I decided that I would share them with you since I haven't made a list in a long, here ya go:

1. Air conditioning
2. Popsicles (Or ice cream) - Because it is so soothing to the palette! (and mind...and soul...and)
3. Computers - because I store practically my whole life on one!
4. Air conditioning
5. Microwaves - Because it makes light of hard work
6. Printers - Wow, can you imagine typing a 20 page assignment?
7. Air Conditioners
8. Toilet Paper - Seriously...imagine the alternative.
9. Toothpaste - Again...the alternatives are ground rats (Really...look it up!)
10. Air conditioners

And those are just a few...what about you? For what are you grateful?

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