Thursday, March 22, 2007

You know what I love?

1. God.

2. Drew.

3. Finding a Long Lost Friend!
I stumbled across a friend from high school the other day over at and it is so good to talk to her and see where life has taken her. I love reconnecting with people who truly made an impact on my life.

4. Meaningful Discussions.
I love sitting down and discussing things that have meaning. It challenges me, encourages me, and helps me remember that I am a thinking, feeling, person. (Some days I wonder! lol)

5. Cookies. (Do I really need to say more?)

6. Naps.
I love a good nap. Why does naptime stop after kindergarten?

7. A back/neck rub from someone who loves me.
Seriously...I love it.

8. Laughing until my stomach hurts.
Most of the people around me can tickle my funny bone and I just love to laugh. I think it is good for the soul and body. I really like a good belly laugh.

9. Learning.
I know, I am a nerd...but so be it.

10. Comments on our blog.
I do. I can't deny it. :) It's better than a cookie and a nap!


amy f. said...

I love your "Top Ten" list of things you love. Thank you for sharing. I want to keep you happy since you love comments (I do, too). You ARE a nerd, by the way, you lover of learning. Just kidding, I'm right there with ya.

HJW said...

I MADE YOUR TOP TEN LIST! Awesome - much appreciated. I'm so glad you found me! :)