Thursday, March 22, 2007

You know what I hate?


Tuesday morning I was leaving for work when I realized..OH NO my back tire is flat. I went running back into the house like a half-crazed dog and cried out to Drew: "My tire is flat!" He promptly went outside and changed my tire for me and then I went driving off to school with that silly looking donut tire. I am grateful for the donut AND for Drew crawling around on the cement floor of our garage at 7:00 in the morning, BUT...I always feel sort of like I am walking around in nothing but my underwear on when I am driving with the donut tire. I mean, I physically turn red-faced thinking that every other driver and pedestrian is laughing at me and saying "That poor woman...she has to drive on the donut. tse tse tse..." Of course, that is not what is happening, but in my mind it is as real as the boogie monster that used to live under my bed.

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