Friday, July 07, 2006

Traveling Tractor

If you are not aware, this is the traveling tractor. You can get one at any gardening store. We purchased ours at Ace Hardware. Anyway, the ad boasts the following (especially note what I have highlighted in RED):
"Product Details:
This Traveling Tractor Sprinkler is a classic that you will love to use on your lawn. The Tractor Sprinkler has a rust resistant cast iron body as opposed to a die cast body style for added longevity. Simply follows along the hose path."

Hmmm...simply follows the hose path eh???

This is our tractor. Today when I came home from the store, the Tractor was OUT OF CONTROL. It had jumped the track, slammed into the brick of our house and dug a deep trench in the new grass. GROWL. I recognize our lawn is just short of bing a jungle, BUT, as you can clearly see the hose is laid out in a straight line. At the point where it is curved, that was the point it jumped the track and proceeded to go on it's own course. SET it and forget it...not so not so...
*sidenote, I do love our traveling tractor, I ocasionally get frustrated over the silly thing not following the set hose track

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