Thursday, July 13, 2006

Butting in vs. Unwanted Advice

Yesterday I was at (yet another) workshop and the presenter was talking about some studies done on men and women. He said that the researchers put pairs of women in a room and told them to talk about whatever they wanted and to act normal in their conversations. They filmed them and noted that the number one social error women make in conversation is.....BUTTING IN! Yes, butting in (or rather constant interruptions if you prefer), believe it or not. Anyway, the study also said that the other woman in the conversation did not mind the other interrupting. They did the same with men, filmed, studied and found that the number one social error made by men was giving advice that was never asked for. Surprisingly, the other man was not bothered by receiving advice that he never asked for. Then they studied men and women talking together. They found that men got most annoyed with women butting in and women got most bothered by men giving them unwanted advice. I guess it is obvious that the differences between men and women do not merely end at anatomy!

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Becca D said...

That is SO interesting!
Just another piece of evidence that men and women come from 2 different planets and speak completely different languages.