Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Today is Veterans Day and, I will admit to you, that in the past I have dismissed this day from a lack of understanding the true weight of the honor that SHOULD be given this day. No one really ever explained it to me as a child and I did not have a grandfather, father, or uncle that ever fought in battle...that told me about it. A few years ago Drew shared some moving thoughts at church the Sunday before Memorial Day. His heartfelt words about honoring the veterans that have gone into danger on my behalf...and yours...because of their commitment to the United States and all it stands for forever changed me. He spoke of days gone by when stores closed on the Memorial Day to honor those and how most of us now just view such a day as a free holiday to have a cookout with family. Does this address the heart of the day? Veterans Day is another such day...a day of honor. A day that deserves respect and a moment's pause to remember. On this morning, I take a few minutes to pause and think of the Veterans I now know in my adult life. All three of them having fought in different wars...and all three of them so deserving of my respect. I am able to live without fear in country frought with freedoms because of the sacrifices willingly given by our soldiers throughout our country's history. I encourage you to just take time today to thank a Veteran, or send a card to a current soldier. Their sacrifice is worthy of a few minutes of your time, isn't it?

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