Saturday, November 08, 2008

To do...

Today I have so many things to get done. Did I tell you that we are getting a new porch? I didn't?! We are. It's not really a NEW's a redo of an existing porch. Our floorboards, stringers, and framework is all, basically, rotted out.'s NOVEMBER and we are having our porch ripped out and a new one put in. I will take pictures so you can see it. Anyway, I have a lot on my to do list today...let's includes (but is not limited to):

-sweeping the floors
-mopping the floors
-about 700 loads of laundry
-move the 5 large pumpkins off the porch
-make my Amish Friendship bread
-make a pumpkin pie...from a real pumpkin
-clean the kitchen
-go to the pharmacy
-price new mailboxes

I guess I better get going...that's quite a list! I hope you are having a productive Saturday yourself!

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