Friday, October 03, 2008

It's been a what?

I have been so busy lately because in addition to my job of teaching fifth grade, I am also doing my practicum this year in educational administration. I am gaining a great deal of experience and learning much, but it is quite the time killer. We are also helping with the Sparks in our church's Awana program on Wednesday nights. On Thursday nights we are taking Financial Peace University taught via dvd by financial advisor, Dave Ramsey. Whew...AND....the election has, as I have said, captured my attention this year.

Last weekend, we took some time to travel to see the movie Fireproof. Have you seen it? It was SO good. It was made by the same company that produced Facing the Giants, but I think Fireproof was much better. I really enjoyed the movie and was glad we spent the time and moolah to travel 2 hours to see it.


Sarah said...

It definitely sounds like you are busy. Don't do too much or you will burn yourself out! I'm teaching fourth grade math everyday at the Christian school in Torrington--I don't know how you deal with that age group ALL DAY LONG! I'd love to see you the next time I'm in Lex if you have time.

Michelle said...

Crazy how life just speeds up sometimes, isn't it?!? I am all about the election/the economy right now too. Don't know if it's because I'm becoming a grown up, grumpy tax payer or if it's because I'm home for the time being :) (headed back to work Oct 27th)