Monday, April 07, 2008

So.....The Egg Without a Shell

Can you forgive me?

I forgot to tell you what happened to our egg.

It stayed COMPLETELY intact. We even tried to eat it when it was cooked but it tasted (and smelled) like vinegar. YUCK! It make me gag really. No really.

That was one of the coolest food thing I have ever done.

If you don't count splitting a grape with a microwave. (Seriously, it sparked and slit it symmetrically down the middle.) OR, the time that I blew up an egg in the microwave.
Oh yes I did.

The messiest thing that I have dealt with exploding in the microwave is a sausage link. WHAT. A. MESS. You can't really count a a marshmallow because it doesn't "explode" but it IS the stickiest mess I have ever made in the microwave.'s official, I have a problem with microwaves.

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