Sunday, April 27, 2008

Diet Update

It's been four weeks and I stepped on the scale yesterday. I was afraid I had either maintained or gained. (Let's not discuss the discretionary eating of the rice krispie treats. I love 'em so much that I think I can smell them about 2 miles away!) Well, you know I just got over it and stepped onto the scale and waited to see the damage done. I just about had to scrape my jaw off the ground when I saw the results. I have now officially lost 12 pounds total to date! (Down 3 more from last week!) WHOO HOOOO.... (picture me doing the happy dance here). I am so happy and beginning to see results in my clothing! Yippee!

*update: I step on the scale at least once a week, but I had not stepped on the scale for 1 full week before looking on Saturday.


amy f. said...

I can't believe you thought you had maintained or gained and ended up losing 12 pounds...that's nuts! Good for you...that is such a phenomenal weight loss. And kudos for not getting on the scale every other day, to wait 4 weeks is hard! But well worth it :-)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool - congratulations!