Monday, December 17, 2007

Gift giving

I can't tell you what I got Drew for Christmas because he reads this blog and he'll figure it out. (I'll tell ya after Christmas.) I DO need to tell you what happened though. I have never, ever been stumped on buyin' this man of mine a gift until this year. I also need to explain that he ALWAYS manages to figure out what his gifts are before he actually gets them. So...added pressure on me to get something he won't guess in advance. So, I have been very VERY careful this year to not even mutter the name of the "item" that has been "purchased." (I know he'll figure it out if I do, so I don't.) Anyway, I was stumped so I tried going to and shopping based on his personality. nada. nothing. zippo.

Finally, I was goofing around on the internet one day and ya'll I stumbled on the perfect gift. So, began shopping at the various stores I can purchase said "item." This "item" comes in 3 basic grades: basic, better, and best.

I looked at the basic "item" but decided it was...well...too basic and wouldn't do the trick. But the BEST grade was too much...WAAAY out of the spending lid. So, I settled on the "better" grade. After deciding on the perfect "grade" for both Drew and my budget, I started shopping around for the best price.

Don't make fun of would too.

Lo and behold, one store, let's call it Department X was running a HUGE sale on the "item." This sale was the BEST grade for the price of the BETTER grade to the tune of about $115 savings! YES! So, I ordered it online from Department X and planned to pick it up at the store the next day (Saturday). I got the email confirmation that order had been placed. Yes...done, I thought. What a relief.

But, I was wrong. Not done. It just cannot be that easy this close to Christmas, can it?

So, I got an email informing me that the closest Department X did not, in fact, have any "items" in stock. Department X gave me a number call and they told me they could ship it at no additional charge to me since the website said it was in stock at my local Department X. I informed the nice lady that this was a Christmas gift and I needed it before Christmas. She assured me that it would DEFINITELY arrive before Christmas. So, I reluctantly agreed to the shipping. I got an email confirmation of the change in my order at Department X. Whew. That was a close one...but, it's done, I thought. NOW, I can relax.

Wrong again.

Saturday morning I got an email informing me that the "item" is on BACKORDER, backorder ya'll, and may take up to 2 weeks to be shipped. It will most likely NOT be here by Christmas. Growl Department X!

So, I had to decide whether not to stay the course and not worry about it...or to cancel the order and decide on something else.

I did what you would do.

I ate some fudge to help me think straight. I felt like Winnie-the-Pooh in that cartoon where he says "think. think. think." on the blustery day.

Well, I finally decided to keep the order and probably print a picture from the internet for him. I can at least wrap it very nicely. That'll be good, right?

Or, maybe I can just make him some fudge.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea. I mean, you did all you could...