Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Waspy Woes

Did I tell you about the nasty wasp stings I received a week ago? Well, a little over a week ago actually. I didn't? Well, here's what happened...

A week ago last Monday I was at school leading a class during teacher technology days when all of a sudden I felt a small pinch on my left arm. I wiggled my arm and immediately felt another prick close by the last one..but nastier. So, I moved my right hand over to shoo away whatever was on my arm, near my elbow. At this time I realized that it was a wasp. My thoughts were "OH HOLY CRAP!" About at that moment, in it's last final ploy to prove is virility, the little sucker stung me again...the worst one yet...right on my elbow and then flew away. Jerk Wasp.

I did what you would do.

I freaked out.

No, really...I freaked out. I ran down down the hall toward the nurses office with more speed and agility than a cheetah on it's first kill in a month. The office nurse told me to calm down and gave me an ice pack. She also told me to be on the look for hives, general achy joints, headache, and lethargy. "Yeah, okay" I said "but what about the pain? What can I do?" Her response?

"Nothing. Keep ice on it and take a tylenol."


So, later that evening my joints started hurting and I got a bad headache. OUCH. My elbow was so sore for about 4 days that I could hardly stand to bend it or lean on anything. Finally, it quit hurting and I thought it was all over. OH NO...I was very wrong.

A few days ago the three sting sites started itching like crazy. I can't scratch them enough and NOTHING stops it. NOTHING! I spend every spare minute that I can find scratching scratching scratching at my elbow.

Jerk Wasp.

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