Thursday, June 22, 2006

Take Home Chef

Have you seen this show on TLC??? I love it! This chef (Curtis Stone) approaches someone on a grocery store, offers to make dinner for them and their loved ones, buys the groceries, goes back to their place, and makes a meal. Well, a few days ago I saw a recipe for what he called "baked pudding" but the website calls it chocolate fondant. It is like a chocolate cake that when you cut into it, fudge runs out (akin to the Triple Chocolate Meltdown one you can get at Applebee's). When I read the recipe, you mix the batter, pour it in, and bake. So, from where does the fudge come? Is the fudge just uncooked batter in the middle? I am really confused on the science of this dish. I am gonna try it, though and see how it works. I had the volcano cake at Applebee's and LOVED it! If you like chocolate, this is a recipe for you! (You can checkout the recipe here courtesy of TLC)

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Anonymous said...

I saw a part of that show. If you are successful, and need help in the chocolate eating department, I am making myself available for the task.