Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chimney Rock

Last week we were happy to have family here to visit. The main reason they made the trek out here was to re-roof our garage. (Thanks Todd, it looks GREAT!) Anyway, as part of their visit here, we traveled west to see Chimney Rock and Scottsbluff National Monument. These national oddities are a sight to see. I tried to capture them in photos for you to see here. On the way to our destination, we ran into one of the famous Nebraska storms. As we reached Chimney Rock, the storm had subsided, the clouds were clearing, and it was sunset. It was beautiful! Chimney Rock was important to the pioneers because it was a landmark that signified that they were still headed the right way. There is a museum and an old grave yard to visit. It truly is a wonder to see.

Then, Sunday Morning was GORGEOUS. You can see the clear blue skies that often grace our Nebraska sky. Scottsbluff Monument is another important landmark to the travelers as they passed on to the west. As travelers passed by, many of them carved their names into the rock along with the year. It is also the site of Mitchell Pass where the 2 mile wide wagon trail had to converge to single file to pass through.

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