Monday, January 12, 2009

Wii Venture

Sooooo, we are now on the Wii bandwagon. I know, I know...we are WAAAAY behind everyone else. Anyway, here's the story:

We have been wanting a wii for some time and finally we just decided to throw caution to the wind and get one. So...we called our local sellers and they were sold out! So, we called the next closest city...sold out. IN. ALL. THE. STORES! So, we checked online at every vendor we could think of...SOLD OUT! The next day (Jan. 1) Drew started calling around...he called a town 1 hour away...then an hour and half away...and then 2 hours away...and they were all sold out. The coup de gras is a vendor 3 hours away from our home. They had ONE Wii, but could not hold it for us. We weighed the pros and cons of traveling three hours from home.

The cons:
-gas wasted
-time possibly wasted
-a day potentially wasted

The pros:
-can eat at Olive Garden (yummmmmm)
-get to spend time together
-could...on a fluke...obtain a Wii

So...we went. And we missed said Wii by 5 minutes, people. 5 stinkin' minutes.
We ate at the Olive Garden.
We drove home.
We laughed and enjoyed one anothers company.

The next day Drew was telling a co-worker what we had done the day before. His co-worker says "OH, I wish you said something before. I have a friend that bought a Wii a few months ago, played it once or twice, and realized they didn't want it. They have had signs all over the place trying to sell it!" Drew called me and I said "Take it!" So he did. And...we have our Wii. The people completely rewrapped everything and placed it back in the box exactly how it came when it was brand new.

So, then we bought another Wii remote. and a Nunchuck. And...Guitar Hero.

Oh yes we did.

And, just so you know... I Rock on Guitar Hero!


Sarah said...

We played my brother's over New Year's and had a blast. Watching my mother box was hilarious and my father attempt bowling-he only threw the ball backwards a couple of times-was rather funny as well. Ryan and I want one, but are waiting for tax refunds. I'm glad to hear from you again!

Christine :) said...

You're not the only one waaay behind. We bought one for CHRISTmas. It didn't work and it took 4 weeks for us to get it replaced!! No one ever keeps them in stock and Nintendo dropped the ball with Customer Service too. We FINALLY got one that WORKS Thursday and the kids are having a blast!! ENTERTAINING!! The boys run and dance all over the room...and that's for bowling and Monster Trucks!! LOL They've only let me play for 15 minutes...and then only b/c they had no choice in the matter! Talk about gratitude...LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, I stumbled across it while googling my home town...

have a great weekend...and love your blog..

Rebecca said...

i'm so happy that you got the Guitar Hero too.
Yeah, the Wii consoles are hard to find these days!! I want one BAD and then I'd get the Wii Fitness!!!
Sorry that you drove all that way for naught. But oh, well. Olive Garden and good times make it worthwhile.