Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You know it's hot when

you got outside to mow the lawn at 8:45am and it's 78 degrees but when you get done at 9:45 it's 92 degrees! Whoa! I just cannot believe the humidity this year around here. I just sweat bullets just STANDING outside. If I do any type of work, my shirt is wet, my hair is wet....yuck. Yesterday I took 3, yes THREE, showers due to sweating! Maybe TMI for you, but geez...I could use a break from the moisture in the air!

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amy f. said...

I have real sweating issues in the summer as well. I don't care so much when I'm at home...but outside in the public, embarrassing. It seems to be all about the humidity because when we went to Vegas last year and it was in the high 80s, I hardly sweat at all since it was a dry heat..I loved it!

Thank you for your kind comment. You pray for me every single day? Wow, I am floored and blessed...thank you, my Nebraskan friend :-)