Monday, September 11, 2006

Do You Remember?

5 years ago today I was getting ready for the beginning of the school day. My kindergarteners came into the room and were as energetic as ever. One of my youngsters suddenly announced "Miss Pelfrey, did you know airplanes ran into big buildings in New York!" I responded by saying "Really? Are you sure?" (I thought he was making up a story, perhaps he had seen a movie or a cartoon.) He said "Yes, I saw it on TV this morning. It was on the news." I tried to get on the internet to confirm his story and was unable to connect. Finally, I left the classroom (my students in the careful watchful eye of my para) and saw to my horror the twin towers as a towering furno on the television in the office. My jaw hit the ground and I couldn't believe it was true. Today, I remember. Today I pray for hurting familes of those lost in this war that was waged but also for the families and soldiers continuing to protect our freedoms. Do you remember? (image via Fox News)

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